Location Based Services

GBSD offers Mobile Operators products which advance the bottom line through the use of Location Based Services that conform to governmental regulations on E911 / E112 / E999 and lawful intercept; pull multi-vendor networks together with cross-vendor infrastructures, including GMLC / SMLC; and, give operators the ability to take full advantage of all existing infrastructure by probing their networks for quality and optimization.

GBSD’s infrastructure components are available for GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G (LTE), as well as any combination of these technologies! Our software is based on ETSI standards and complies with all industry requirements for interoperability. We support SS7, SIGTRAN, and IP, with a minimal footprint and low capital expenditure. Our software runs on Solaris and UNIX platforms, including open source varieties! With GBSD’s infrastructure, the complex world of telecom gets a little more simple – buy your own servers, load the OS of your choice, and let GBSD do the rest! Our infrastructure has been proven time and time again to be incredibly reliable, have low capital and operational expenditure requirements, to be completely scalable, and to integrate with any carrier’s situation. Multi-vendor installs and combinations of technologies present no hurdle to GBSDTech!


■ Lawful Intercept / Emergency Services: GBSD’s suite of location software enables an Operator to locate any device, and, with the addition of our network probing, calculate and retain a Floating Cell Database (FCD) which stores the location of every MS on the network at all times, for as long as the Operator requires. This allows unsurpassed and unparalleled lawful intercept and emergency capabilities!
■ Commercial Services: Are you a mobile operator looking to enhance your bottom line? With GBSD’s Application Gateway software, this goal becomes a reality. Let us show you how you can offer Location Based Services to third party application providers, enhance internally provided applications, and provide web+application based location services to your subscribers!

Serving Mobile Location Center

AGPS – Control Plane
WWRN – Assist Data

Location Methods
■ NMR+
■ A-GPS (User / Control Plane)
■ AOA Antennas / PDE
■ Custom Solutions