Fraud Interception & Network Integrated Signaling

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FINIS means “the end” in Latin, and it literally “ends” fraudulent traffic for the mobile network operator (MNO). The FINIS platform is a soft switch that operates in real-time, receiving incoming SS7 messaging, parsing information, and blocking fraud before the call set-up is completed. Fraud losses are kept to a minimum, legitimate customer calls connect normally, and are not inconvenienced by the FINIS platform.


FINIS connects with the MNO’s business applications so all data comes in quickly and is analyzed in real-time. This provides assurance to the MNO that revenue leakages are being addressed before issues arise. Two primary components, Control Functions and Policy Rules, allows for a custom tailored product for each MNO. Due to multiple layers of data, and fraud occurring in at each of the layers, blocking is able to occur within all layers. FINIS’ capability provides the ability to block within each of these layers acting as a gsmSCF and gsmSSF with Proxy for VoIP, which allows for scalability to meet each MNO’s needs and budgets.


B Number (IRSF) Blocking

OTT Filtering and Blocking

Signal Level Blocking

SS7 Signaling & Blocking

Location Services

How FINIS Works


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