Our Story

About GBSD Technologies

GBSDTech was founded in 2003. While we started as a focus on location for emergency services and lawful intercept for government agencies, we have progressed towards global solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to stop revenue leakage.

GBSDTech started by developing core SS7 based location applications. Our suite of products over the years has grown to offer end to end location solutions via control plane and user plane for MNOs around the world.

By using our experience and knowledge in locationing applications, we believe we have found a better way of blocking and preventing fraud.

Not only can we locate devices on the network, we can also find and block fraud platforms and applications.

Our new purpose is to block fraud at the source. The flow of information and content in the network is where the rubber meets the road. When it is detected properly, and rules are applied at the protocol levels to block the messaging flow, fraud cannot occur.

We deliver and achieve our best efforts in the core network. GBSDTech has been developing commercial grade SS7 products for over 20 years and that is what we do best.

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