Commercial grade SS7 software focused on core SS7 networks and internal messaging.

All GBSDTech Signaling Products and Services are customized to fit your organizations networking and signaling needs. All products are designed and configuredĀ in our Soft Switch for signaling level messaging on the SS7 network.

By-Pass Fraud

Simbox fraud is one of the most prevalent forms of fraud. The GBSDTech platform acts as a gsmSCF/gsmSSF on the IN to intercept and block fraud in real time. This forces customers off fo the gray routes and down the original routes increasing minutes and the bottom line.

Policy rules can be configured for any number of attribute checking in terms of blocking. A Number, B Number, IMEI, IMSI blocking, etc...

Fraud takes on many forms. Our solution for covering these many different types of fraud is embedded in our Soft-Switch acting as a gsmSCF/SSF or Call Session Control Function. [CSCF] The platform has many capabilities to apply policy rules and control functions to the messaging and its flow.

This real-time decision making is the power of the platform. The decision making can be based on black/white lists and also policy rules that are continually being updated based on the current network and its functions.

The soft switching function is configured to act as an SS7 firewall and connected to any number of points in the network to cover the many different types of fraud.

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