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GBSDTech COO, Jeffrey Ross was interviewed by Eric Priezkalns and Lee Scargall in RAG TV’s first episode.  Jeffrey spoke on topics such as spoofing of CLI’s on an international level, and the efforts of the STIR SHAKEN initiatives.

RAG TV airs live every Wednesday during April 2020, and features experts throughout the telecom industry globally.  Recorded sessions are available for viewing as well.

On 3 March 2020, GBSDTech joined ATIS (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions) in an effort to assist in combating illegal robocalling.   GBSDTech looks to apply the framework and standards “cross-boarder” to apply these efforts on a global scale.

GBSDTech COO, Jeffrey Ross was interviewed by Commsrisk about the need for “anti-fraud partnerships” in the telecom industry, why businesses must work together in the continued fight against telecom fraud, and GBSDTech’s support of the RAG Wangiri Blockchain solution.  

GBSDTech Collaborates
with Orillion Solutions
and RAG

GBSDTech is excited to announce its collaboration with Orillion Solutions and the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) in their fight against wangiri fraud with an innovative blockchain solution pilot program.

GBSDTech Featured in
Black Swan Telecom Journal

GBSDTech has been featured in a report on telecom fraud.  Company COO, Jeffrey Ross, shares his perspective on the company’s involvement in the telecom industry, and its expansion in vital areas of fraud prevention globally.

GBSDTech Joins Twitter

GBSDTech has created a company homepage on Twitter.  Be sure to follow us to keep informed with the latest news and trends in the telecom industry.

GBSDTech Announces
New Chief Operating Officer

GBSDTech announced 1 June 2019 that Jeffrey V. Ross has joined the team as COO, overseeing the company’s operations, finance, and strategy from its headquarters in Texas.

GBSDTech Partners with
Risk & Assurance Group

GBSDTech is excited to partner with the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) by becoming an annual sponsor for the 2019 – 2020 conferences.  Conference locations include Bonn, Toronto, Johannesburg, and New Delhi.

GBSDTech Sponsors

GBSDTech kicks off 2019 by becoming a Bronze Sponsor of the RAG-Bahrain conference held on 23-24 January 2019.

GBSDTech Sponsors
RAG's North American

GBSDTech participates in sponsoring RAG’s first North American Conference held at Sprint’s campus in Overland Park, near Kansas City.

GBSDTech sponsors RAG-Nairobi

GBSDTech sponsors its first RAG conference, and becomes a Bronze Level sponsor for the RAG-Nairobi event held on 11-12 September 2018.

GBSDTech Joins LinkedIn

GBSDTech has created a company homepage on LinkedIn.  Be sure to follow us to keep informed with the latest news and trends in the telecom industry.

GBSDTech Current Events

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